Nature of Business

We are mechanical and electrical based engineering company that engages in various jobs particularly in the industrial and commercial sectors.
Our Nature of business includes the following:-

  • Mechanical and Electrical Project Management and Consultancy
  • System Integration & Automation Design, Fabrication & Installation
  • Design, Fabrication and Installation of Piping & Instrumentation Systems
  • Design, Fabrication and Installation of Conveyor Systems
  • Design, Fabrication and Installation of Material Handling Systems
  • Machine and Equipment Hoisting and Installations
  • Mechanical Fabrication Works

We are a team from various engineering backgrounds, particularly electrical & mechanical, which also consist of various sub-fields like hydraulics (fluid), pneumatics (air), machining and design.
We, at Merit Berg Sdn. Bhd. believe that by putting the right people at the right place and optimizing each one’s specialty, things will get coordinated nicely and a plan will be workable; thus getting things done in a shorter time frame without sacrificing quality and customer satisfaction.
Our daily practices include open discussions from top level to front liners on the projects undertaken, delegation of tasks with the right people doing their respective specialty in their own unique field.


Engineering Passion, Innovation & Commitment

We hold true to our motto: Engineering Passion, Innovation & Commitment.
We believe that to be in any field of business, one needs to have the passion first above all, if one is to make sure the job is going to get going.
Secondly, innovation comes into place to take us to higher grounds and elevate us be at the top of the business. If you agree, innovation comes hand in hand with “out of the box” thinking, which basically is how complicated issues and problems are solved, sometimes even quick and easy, whereas conservative ways of solving the issue will be time consuming and slow.
Lastly, to complete the job and reach the finishing line, one needs to have none other than commitment. This is the key to not only our customers’ satisfactory, but also to our own.

Mission and Vision

Mission: To Attain Customer Satisfaction By Providing Engineering Solutions.

Merit Berg Sdn. Bhd. mission is to provide engineering solutions to the customers’ need and to able to achieve that, we have been training and building our team of management staff, engineers, and technicians continuously.
We uphold to the fact that dedication and competence run parallel in order to provide the correct solution for specific applications within the time frame accorded to us.
Also, we are committed to attain customer satisfaction in every project that we undertake by providing the solutions and remedy to complete the job and for the client to have a peaceful night sleep.

Vision: To Be The Market Leader in Engineering Solutions.

Merit Berg Sdn. Bhd. vision is to be the best in what we do and be at the top of the ladder.
We believe the market is there for us to grab the chances and opportunities that lie in front of us. If we are able to do that, then it also means that we are able to share our knowledge and at the same time learn from others as well which we can improve ourselves.
Along this process, we hope to be able to gain more experience and to be technically stronger and more knowledgeable and a force to be reckon with.


Safety tag: Safety first, However, Whenever & Wherever!

We cannot deny that safety rules and regulations have become very stringent over the past years and it is a priority in many, if not all, industrial and commercial project sites. Thus, all our personnel have gone through safety courses, namely the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB), and the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) courses and are safety passport holders.
On top of that, competencies in scaffolding, confine spaces and forklift handling are also in the list of our company’s ongoing personnel safety upgrading scheme.
Merit Berg Sdn. Bhd. is registered with CIDB, bearing registration number 0120151203-WP168335.
As the slogan goes, “+SAFETY FIRST, ALWAYS”.


Piping Systems


In any liquid, semi liquid or air transferring process, be it a production process such as dairies, food & etc or a utilities process, say compressed air, chilled water, hot steam & etc, a network of piping, valves, instruments and sensors have to be built in order for that transferring process to take place.
As the piping needs to be built, a design, the pipe and instrumentation drawing (P&id) needs to be drawn up. The project site needs to be surveyed and measured, and the bill of material needs to be calculated. Once the design is approved, materials ordered, installation will take place with the Project Manager, Project Engineer, Site Supervisor and Safety Officer overseeing the installation process.
Each and every of these tasks will be handled in-house by our experience and competent personnel at Merit Berg Sdn. Bhd. which works as your one stop solution for your piping needs.

Conveyor Systems


A conveyor is simply a machine that helps transfer materials or a mass from point A to point B horizontally or vertically. It can be a very short distance, or a very long one, depending on the distance which the material needs to reach.
Normally conveyors are used to transfer material because it is much safer then forklifts, least strenuous on man (backache) and less expensive compared to the wages for labour and medical. Conveyors are able to move loads of all shapes, sizes and weights. Some conveyors are automated and have advanced safety features that will help prevent accidents. Conveyors are very convenient to transfer bulks of material and less time required to do so because it is constantly moving and are almost maintenance free.
We are specialized in slat chain conveyor, driven roller conveyors, belt conveyors and of course the gravitational conveyors. We are able to cater for fully automated conveyors and even integrate it into an existing system if there is such requirement.

Equipment Installation


Machine installation can be as simple as bolting down 4 anchors at the corners of a machine and the job is completed, but then, it can also be as complex and hazardous as hacking down concrete walls, opening up rooftops, dismantling dozens of other obstacles, road closures and going inside manholes and confine spaces (which requires special trained personnel).
Some machinery is heavy and bulky, thus needing a mobile crane to lift it off the trailer to unload it onto the ground. While it is easy to position a machine or equipment in a new plant, however, it is a different story altogether if the plant has already been running for some time as there will be other equipment, material, piping, structures and etc everywhere and this can be a big hurdle to position and install the new equipment. The weight and dimension of the equipment, site location (high on the roofs or underground), these two criteria plays a big part in machinery installation.
Even as to what boils down, at the end of the day, the job needs to be completed. Pass it to us at Merit Berg Sdn. Bhd. and we will handle all the stress and complexity of the job for you while you sit down, relax and have a cup of coffee by the side.


We look forward to providing our customers our expertise, experiences and solutions. Engaging us to find a remedy for your industrial issues and production hiccups is paramount to engaging a well known attorney to settle your legal issues or a medical specialist for your health well-being. With us at your disposal, you are sure to have a good night’s rest knowing that your problems are being settled by capable and competent hands.
Merit Berg Sdn. Bhd., will definitely be your engineering solutions partner and a friend in difficult situations if you are willing to share them with us. A combination of willing to give (giving us a chance) and willing to accept (we, taking up the challenge) will definitely go a long way for both parties. Try us and you will be amazed.
As one puts it, “Actions speak a thousand Words”. Top it up with a bit of commitment, we will get you there.
Last but not least, THANK YOU for your time, from all of us at MERIT BERG SDN. BHD.


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