Project Management

If a project is to be completed in a certain time frame with satisfactory results, it will need to be monitored and managed in a much scrutinized manner. Rules, regulations, guidelines need to be drawn out and clarified. Overall goal, short term and long term plans need to be drafted and the methodology of how to achieve them have to be set and followed. Datelines need to be met and the tasks within that dateline needs to be accomplished.
In order to achieve all of the above, a competent project management and consultancy team is required. Here at Merit Berg, we have the right people and the experiences to handle the datelines, manpower, technical, safety, procurement, material specification, suppliers, government agencies liaising and logistics for you.

Design, Fabrication and Installation

As a one stop solution for our clients’ convenience, our services include designing of the equipment, fabricating and installing the equipment.
Believe us, although it is just 3 words, it is not as simple as it sounds.
Our design team will study the application which the new equipment will be built for as it needs to be thoroughly understood, thought out, current and future issues outlined and identified first before the design can take place. Other constraints that have to be taken into consideration will be the material availability, machining limitations, space availability at site, meaning will the given location be big enough to fit the machine after it is built, maintenance aspects and installation works.
Once the equipment has been fabricated, it will be sent to the site and our installation team will there to supervise the installation process and to follow the stringent rules at the site. During the installation, the Project Manager, Project Engineer, Site Supervisor and Safety Officer will be overseeing the installation process. Safety rules will be followed strictly, with all personnel wearing PPEs and to apply for the permit to work (PTW) before starting work and to sign off after work.
Commissioning and testing will be done on the equipment in witness by client and government officers (if required) after completion of the installation works. Training on equipment operations will be provided on a case to case, depending on the complexity of the equipment.

Systems Integration and Automation

Automation is the norm where it saves on fatigue time, increases and constantly maintains productivity and also reduces accidents due to human error (provided that the automated system has safety features installed). Due to these factors, many industries have upgraded their manual production lines to either semi-automated or fully automated depending on the budget and application (some applications still need the human touch and are virtually impossible to be substituted by a machine).
Systems integration comes into the picture when a few systems need to be integrated to achieve the final result. For instance, a bottling company needs to have a conveyor line, a filling mechanism, a capping and labeling machine and a packing station. All these different systems have to be integrated into 1 entity in order for an empty bottle at the starting line to come out at the other end of the line filled, capped, labeled, tagged, placed in a carton and finally onto the pallet.
Why the need to integrate?
Just imagine, if the systems are not integrated and are not communicating with each other, there would be no action, meaning no mechanism will know when their cue is. For example, the conveyor will not stop when the bottle is being filled because no signal has been given to the conveyor to stop. The capping mechanism will not know when to cap the fully filled bottle because it does not know that the bottle has already been filled and etc. That is why we need to integrate all the systems into 1 via a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) or, for systems that are less complex, just by hard wiring.
The integration of systems not only provides convenience, but act as a safety lever too when things are not going according to the standard procedure and accidents are about to happen. The interlocking safety features programmed into the Controller will kick in and prevent these accidents from happening. For example, if a bottle is not filled due to maybe the liquid has run out, the capping mechanism will not work, and the conveyor will not move. Thus this is a safety feature that ensures you that you won’t have cartons packed with empty bottles ready to be shipped out to the consumers.

Machine and Equipment Installation

There would be a time when old machines are obsolete and need to be replaced, or a manufacturing plant expanding due to overwhelming demand, or maybe even when times are not so good where corporations need to downsize or shift to another location, machineries and equipments regardless whether it is new or old need to be relocated.
Old machines need to be dismantled and taken out, packed and shipped to another location. New machines need to be pulled or hoisted into its designated location and installed. Sometimes, hacking of the walls is required if the passageway is too narrow or opening of rooftop to hoist the machine in and/or out may also be another option due to maneuverability limitations at the site.
Heavy equipment such as chillers, boilers, compressors, cooling towers, and production machineries are some of the example where a specialized team of movers are required to get it done.
When this situation arises, do look for us to do the job for you as we are the specialist for this sort of work.


We look forward to providing our customers our expertise, experiences and solutions. Engaging us to find a remedy for your industrial issues and production hiccups is paramount to engaging a well known attorney to settle your legal issues or a medical specialist for your health well-being. With us at your disposal, you are sure to have a good night’s rest knowing that your problems are being settled by capable and competent hands.
Merit Berg Sdn. Bhd., will definitely be your engineering solutions partner and a friend in difficult situations if you are willing to share them with us. A combination of willing to give (giving us a chance) and willing to accept (we, taking up the challenge) will definitely go a long way for both parties. Try us and you will be amazed.
As one puts it, “Actions speak a thousand Words”. Top it up with a bit of commitment, we will get you there.
Last but not least, THANK YOU for your time, from all of us at MERIT BERG SDN. BHD.


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