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  • Merit Berg Sdn. Bhd. are an industrial engineering-based company providing engineering services and solutions to the manufacturing sectors namely the chemical, food & beverages, oleo, semiconductor, electronic, automotive and aerospace industries.

Design Capabilities

Having a well-diversified group of designers and engineers, over the past years, we have designed for industrial automation, conveying systems, weighing systems, filling systems...

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Equipment Installation

Well versed with safety regulations and competency compliances together with a team of well trained and experienced personnel we have performed numerous heavy equipment installation, rigging...

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Maintenance & Repair

Periodic and preventive maintenance performed consistently ensures a smooth production and reduce down time. Having a technically sound and reliable team...

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Automation & Controls

The need to automate certain processes become more common as the manufacturing industry evolves. Hence, automation will become the norm in the near future.

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Piping & Instrumentation

Irregardless of whether it is process piping or utilities piping we have the experience to design, fabricate, install at site, testing and commission the piping system for you.

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Conveyor Systems

Building a conveyor system by taking into account the floor space available, product physical, dimensions and weight, operator friendly and cost effectiveness...

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Drum Palletizer

This fully automated palletizer was developed to pick and place 220 kgs – 250 kgs drums on to a pallet. The y-axis was omitted and replaced by a turn table due to space constrain and the obtuse angle conveyor which the drums are conveyed in. The gripper used is specifically for drums and no human contact is required hence the push-in push-out’ locking mechanism is there to ensure this while a pneumatic cylinder as the driving force for the lifting is applied here. The horizontal drive is by rack and pinion using geared helical motor with gear ratio of 1:80 to deliberately slow down the travelling to avoid swaying of the drum due to inertia. However, the travelling speed can be adjusted at the control panel via an inverter. The bi-directional rotating turn table is powered by a hydraulic motor with chain and sprocket and can be rotated with 90 degrees right angle or continuously to a specific angle by controls.


We look forward to providing our customers our expertise, experiences and solutions. Engaging us to find a remedy for your industrial issues and production hiccups is paramount to engaging a well known attorney to settle your legal issues or a medical specialist for your health well-being. With us at your disposal, you are sure to have a good night’s rest knowing that your problems are being settled by capable and competent hands.
Merit Berg Sdn. Bhd., will definitely be your engineering solutions partner and a friend in difficult situations if you are willing to share them with us. A combination of willing to give (giving us a chance) and willing to accept (we, taking up the challenge) will definitely go a long way for both parties. Try us and you will be amazed.
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